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* SMILE POWER – by Pauline Hager

Something simple as a smile can truly make your day.  Sometimes, the recollection of one special smile can  last a lifetime. I have never forgotten an incident that happened to me in Bulgaria many years ago. It was nothing earthshaking, simply a smile from an old woman. The rotund old woman, hunched over and dressed completely in black, sat on a lone chair against the wall, staring into space. Whatever her thoughts, it was obvious they were not pleasant. I was standing in a long line, waiting to use the public restroom in a small wooden building adjacent to a rustic-style restaurant. I had just finished lunch at this Eastern European restaurant, a few miles from the ancient village of Arbanas, Bulgaria. To pass the time waiting for our turn into the toilet room, we women chatted with each other about our trip. Occasionally I would glance over at the white-haired woman. She looked so forlorn. As women came out of the toilet room, they rushed by, completely ignoring her. No one was tipping her for keeping such a clean room. I’ll have to admit, I did the same.


As I returned to the waiting bus, I had second thoughts. Guilt gnawed at my conscience. The tour guide had informed us that many retired people must continue to work although they collect a small pension, but it is not enough to survive. Many resort to begging. Since there was plenty of time before boarding, I decided to return to the restroom. She was still there. I walked over to where she was sitting and stood in front of her. She looked up at me with a quizzical look in her sad eyes. Then she saw my outreached hand . . .

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Pauline Hager is the author of two books, Memoirs of an American Housewife in Japan and Giorgi’s Greek  Tragedy. Pauline and her husband have traveled extensively in the states and overseas. She writes about her travels and submits them to a monthly e-newsletter FoxandQuill. In addition to planting and maintaining miniature plants in their garden railroad, Pauline loves to write, read books, travel, and walks two miles daily. A native of Massachusetts and a graduate of The University of South Carolina, Pauline is a long time resident of Southern California and writes from her home in La Jolla, California. Meet her on Facebook.

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I’ve certainly heard of seeing eye dogs to help the blind, but this is the first I’ve heard of a seeing eye dog to help another dog.

A great dane named Lily hardly seems deterred by her blindness. While still a pup, her eyelashes grew into her eyeballs, causing irreparable damage and a medical need to remove both eyes. But with the help of her devoted four legged pal Maddison, she has continued to enjoy her life. Both dogs exhibit a joi de vie that many humans would do well to emulate. Maddison and Lily became very close, always enjoying one another’s company, going about their daily routines as a twosome. Vocal in play, affectionate at rest, they curl up together when  ready to sleep.

 With her lack of sight, Lily’s other senses sharpened. Although rarely apart, Lily can always sense when Maddison is not nearby and uses a unique bark to search for her.

 Both Lily and Maddison formed their bond while living in one of UK ‘s eighteen Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres, a network of re-homing centers which care for around 16,000 stray and abandoned dogs every year. The story ends happily for Lily and Maddison, who now live with Anne and Len Williams, a loving family who fell in love with these dogs after reading their story in the Daily Mail.

 The couple plan to take the great danes on holidays to France and the Lake District ass well as daily walks with Mrs. Williams, to add to enjoyment of their lives with their new family.


Lois W. Stern is the author of two award winning books about different aspects of aesthetics (physical beauty): Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery and Tick Tock, Stop the Clock ~ Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour. Beyond those topics, Lois is committed to writing short stories to touch the soul – stories that she calls her inner beauty “tales”. Suspecting that many writers who don’t have a enough inspiring stories for an entire book, might  have one fabulous “tale”  to share, she set out to find out . By initiating the TALES2INSPIRE contest as an “authors helping authors” project, Lois hopes to provide authors with a platform for building their own fan base, with the opportunity to have their work published in a short story anthology.

Lois invites all  interested in either cutting edge physical beauty news and tips, her energy renewing, spirit uplifting stories, or both to visit her Facebook Page If you like what you see there, become a fan by clicking on the LIKE button at the top of the screen.

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Beauty Within

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Plastic Surgery Is Not Just About Beauty


Last week I posted the story, A Smile Goes a Long Way, written by author Pauline Hager. This morning I came upon an article in the Business Mirror titled: Changing the World – One Smile at a Time. We are talking here about a wonderful organization named Operation Smile, which has succeeded through the  volunteer work of plastic and reconstruction surgeons across the world.

Operation Smile started out as personal vision of Dr. Bill Magee and his wife, after seeing first hand the number of children with clefts in underdeveloped countries. In 1982, they set out to make a difference by bringing a team of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians and dentists with them to the Philippines. Thirty years later, Operation Smile is still growing strong as the need to treat clefts increases each year. In 2011 alone, Operation Smile treated over 15,000 patients.

Read this inspiring story here.

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 Beauty Within 

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